There are many different generator manufacturers in the construction industry. From Kohler to HiPower, you cannot go wrong when buying new.

DA7000SS_rdax_200x159The used market is a bit different. Over time, like anything used, problems will arise with the accumulation of hours. From our experience, the most dependable generator manufacturer in the industry is Multiquip. Glancing across the industry, most generators are starting to show signs of wear at approximately 5,000 hours. Multiquip units are just getting broken in at 5,000 hours! Designed to withstand harsh environments, it is not surprising to see Multiquip generators with close to 20,000 hours. On top of the durability, Multiquip also offers one of the quietest generators in the market. The Ultra Silent series clock in at 56db(A)! How quiet is 56db(A) you ask? People speak at 62 db(A). Multiquip Ultra Silent units are perfect for entertainment, movie set power, strict noise-ordinance regulated cities, and construction sites!

So which vendor should you first consider when buying used? One answer: Multiquip. Used Equipment Direct has inventory on several used Multiquip units. Our team is ready to furnish you with the generator that best fits your budget and job requirements.