With 31 years of equipment sales in the construction equipment industry, Used Equipment Direct has the experience needed to help you find the right piece for your job.

Over the years, we have dedicated our sales efforts to both new and used equipment. We have grown to learn that there are several advantages of purchasing used equipment versus new equipment! Well-maintained used equipment can earn you years upon years of great service with minimum costs. When reviewing the pricing of well-maintained used equipment, you will find that you can lower your job costs and be more profitable! New equipment, like your personal vehicles, depreciates very quickly in the first 18 to 24 months. Buying well-maintained used equipment that is two years old or older, eliminates that great loss of depreciation. It simply allows you to have better control of your actual applied costs and maximize your return on investment.

In summary, well-maintained used equipment lowers your cost of doing business. The bottom line, in any construction work, is to be aggressively priced to be awarded the contract or bid. Buying well-maintained used equipment from UED will help you achieve just that. We stand behind our product and only sell quality used construction equipment!